Check out these statistics*:
8% Higher sales price compared to list price for Concierge Homes
82% of Concierge homes close within the first three months of listing
24,000+ homes used Concierge in over 1,400 towns and cities in the US
(*Data reflected as of December 2021)
What if I told you that Compass can give you an interest-free loan to front the cost of preparing your house for sale? Would you believe me if I told you that I was able to sell my own house, with multiple offers, for 15% over the list price thanks to Concierge? 
Since my husband and I were trying to put an EMD (Earnest Money Deposit) down for our new house as well as paying for our sons' college tuition, we didn't have a lot of spare cash sitting around. We knew our house needed some updating - I had a long list of "honeydew" items - 15 years of a punch list to complete, plus paint, carpet, a new stove - things that were going to cost money I didn't have handy. What I did have though, was a lot of equity in our house.
After 15 years of living in the house with six family members and two dogs, things were looking a bit beat. The walls were scuffed. The yard was weedy and tired looking.  The house felt cluttered. Closets were stuffed. The carpet runner was filthy. Etc. Etc.
Without Concierge, I would not have been able to present the house with its best foot forward.
After applying through our third-party lender, Notable, we were approved for a Concierge Loan.
I was sent a debit card loaded and ready to use. Here are just a few of the items I used it for:
-Landscaping (added plantings, mulching, weeding, trimming)
-Painting the Interior of the house, including bathroom vanities
-New LED lighting throughout 
-New toilet seats (you read that correctly!)
-Powerwashing (fence, back deck, front of the house, garage)
-New Hardware for kitchen drawers and cabinets (what a difference this made!)
-Storage (for some of our belongings and furniture, so the house would seem larger)
-Staging Items (area rugs, bar stools, art)
-New Stove (gas/electric dual fuel downdrafts stainless ovens are not cheap!)
-Window Washing
-New Kitchen Faucet
-Professional Deep Cleaning
After most of the work was complete, and the house was staged and photographed, I invited some fellow Compass agents to preview the house and give me pricing feedback, which was super useful in preparing to launch the listing on the open market.  We had a 3D Matterport Tour and professional brochures printed and we were ready for market! We had two very successful open houses, followed by four pre-inspections. We received four amazing offers and were able to negotiate excellent terms (including delaying the settlement and having a long rent back, so that our college-aged sons would not have to move out of our home before leaving in the fall for college).
We listed our home for $1.195M and the closing price was $1.375M, exceeding our expectations but no doubt thanks to the Compass Concierge program. 
Reach out for more information about how I can help you make more money on the sale of your home!

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